Enjoy Fuss-Free Wireless Freedom with Universal Prepaid SIM Cards

Pix Staff
May 7, 2020
Universal Prepaid SIM Cards

Traveling abroad is full of pleasure, especially when you have the right universal prepaid SIM card!

While there are many mobile carriers offering their universal prepaid SIM cards, only a few can be trusted when it comes to impeccable wireless service, mobile connectivity, reliability and the most important is affordability in terms of call charges.

Pix Wireless – providing peerless wireless solutions

Since Pix Wireless has introduced its universal prepaid SIM card, it has been carving a niche among its customers.

Pix’s universal prepaid SIM card works as your perfect virtual mate to travel abroad, thanks to the revolutionary wireless service the mobile carrier offers to its customers.

When you have this universal SIM card in your mobile device, it allows you to enjoy mobile wireless connectivity in over 193 countries, thanks to Pix Wireless’s collaboration with over 150 global 4G/3G network operators, and coverage in 200 plus cruise ships.

Enjoy unlimited talking, texting, incoming calls and EMOJI

Pix’s universal prepaid SIM card allows you to enjoy messaging service in many countries without any additional data or Wi-Fi connection.

With the insertion of this SIM card in your device, you can enjoy chatting on apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, We-chat.

Besides, a few of the glaring features of Pix’s universal prepaid SIM card are as follow:

  • It allows you to talk, text, surf and browse at the lowest roaming charges in more than 193 countries.
  • It allows you to collect miles & more award miles while using universal prepaid SIM card.
  • It does not require you to sign any contract and pay additional hidden charges.
  • Being prepaid in nature, it allows you to have full control over risks and costs.
  • It makes it all possible, thanks to Pix’s collaboration with more than 150 global network operators.
  • It is powered by America’s largest 4G LTE networks.
  • It offers coverage for more than 200 cruise ships.

How to buy Pix’s universal prepaid SIM card?

To buy Pix’s universal prepaid SIM card, just BYOD – Bring Your Own Device (Unlocked or Sprint) – to Pix World.

To get it activated on your device, just follow the SIM activation steps as given under.

  • Of course, you first need to buy your Pix’s universal prepaid SIM card.
  • Now, insert the SIM into your smartphone and/or tablet device.
  • Open the browser re-directed to the homepage.
  • Now, fund your SIM fast with a Credit Card.
  • Choose a plan from the homepage.

Once you are done with the above process, an SMS notification will be sent to you, informing you about the successful activation of Pix’s universal prepaid SIM card on your device.

So, go global with Pix’s Universal Prepaid SIM Card to explore the hidden treasure of foreign land.