What Makes Pix World the Most Affordable International Prepaid SIM Card?

Pix Staff
June 6, 2018

Planning to travel abroad? That’s great!

But have you thought of staying in touch with folks back home? If not, now’s the time to do that. You just have to get a universal prepaid SIM card that lets you stay connected with people who matter the most, no matter where you are.

Now when it comes to getting the best international prepaid SIM card that won’t cost a bomb, it comes to Pix World.

Experience Pix World

Affordability is the top priority

Traveling overseas often comes with cost-prohibitive phone bills if you don’t get a prepaid card that provides cost-saving wireless international calling and data plans.

The team at Pix World knows this, and that’s precisely why it brings a range of plans that’ll let you save up to 120 percent on roaming charges. Yes, 120 percent! That’s seriously a lot of cash saved.

Taking the affordability part to the max, this international SIM card even offers loads of freebies.

Yes, once you insert a Pix World prepaid SIM card in your unlocked device, you’ll receive free incoming calls and incoming texts—plus, you’ll even chat for free through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.

International Prepaid SIM Card

Get world-class connectivity

With Pix World, you’ll experience the best in terms of global connectivity.

For delivering that level of connectivity, the SIM card has connected with more than 150 4G and 3G network operators across the globe. That way, we streamline communication with almost no cases of call drops or network congestion.

Since it’s built such a wide network, Pix World provides unmatched coverage in over 200 cruise ships and more than 193 countries.

All of this definitely makes Pix World an international prepaid SIM card that streamlines worldwide mobile connectivity like never before.

So, are you still waiting? If you’re traveling overseas and want to remain connected with the world without spending too much, then get Pix World. This one SIM card will make your on-the-move communication not only affordable but also world class.