Pix World Brings The Best International Prepaid SIM Cards On The Market

Pix Staff
August 29, 2018

As an international traveler, you’re discovering new places and meeting new people. But despite all the newness, you like staying connected with your old folks back home. After all, they’re your world.

So when it’s about staying connected with your world no matter where you are, you’ve got to plunge into global roaming. It’s a world that can be costly and stressful if you don’t have the right option.

What’s the right option? Now, you may think, Well, I’ve got a native network carrier that’s got a raft of international roaming plans. So I can pick any one of them and be all set to discover the world while staying connected.

Taking your local network abroad is an option, of course. But have you thought about its cost?

We know you haven’t thought about it. Because you might not know about the steep price you’ve got to pay if you make calls, send texts, or surf the web from your local SIM card overseas. It’s quite a huge ask.

So, then you’re just left with one option that’s viable. Get an international prepaid SIM card and that’s that.

But buying just any other universal SIM card will cut no ice for sure. So, the bottom line is that you’ve got to find the best of the best. That’s exactly where Pix World comes into play.

Pix World—the best international prepaid SIM card

International prepaid SIM card

We say Pix World is the best global SIM card that’ll give huge bang for your dollar.

And you say, “Why’s it the best, anyway?”

So, here are the top two reasons why Pix World is the best universal prepaid SIM card in business right now.

Experience top-of-the-line global coverage every time

When you get a prepaid SIM card, you just want one single thing—to stay connected anytime, anyplace.

Pix World makes sure you get the best-in-class global coverage. For that reason, this universal SIM card solution provider has a pretty robust network. This network has over 150 global operators and each of them works on high-speed 3G and 4G networks. So, whenever you insert Pix World’s global SIM card in your unlocked device, you face the best network coverage and call quality.

As a matter of fact, Pix World lets you stay connected in more than 193 countries and over 220 cruise ships. Now, you can easily imagine what sort of global coverage this SIM card is really bringing to the table.

Get that high-end global coverage at not-so-high-end price points

Usually, you had to pay top dollar for owning this level of global coverage.

That was the norm—until Pix World broke it.

So, the deal is quite simple. With Pix World, you won’t have to pay through the nose. Instead, Pix World wants you to pay an amount that’s more affordable than what you’ll pay if you buy a plan from a local telecom provider.

To be precise, when you’ve got a SIM card from Pix World, you’ll easily save more than 120 percent of roaming cost. Just like a boss.


In the end, we’d say that whenever you’re traveling abroad, you needn’t think about global roaming. For that, you just need to get Pix World’s global travel SIM card. Get a wireless plan that suits your needs and budget from Pix World. And that’s how you’ll never let a thought of international roaming spoil your mood during your international stay.