Never Want To Stay-Off-Line While Traveling Abroad? Fly With Pix’s Prepaid SIM Card

Pix Staff
March 13, 2020
Worldwide Travel Prepaid SIM Card

America has a number of mobile networks helping a million of wireless subscribers in the country.

The networks help them stay in constant touch with rest of the world. However, just a few have gained recognition, and one such is none other than Pix World, one of the leading telecom service providers in the country, providing worldwide travel prepaid SIM card for globetrotters so that they can stay connected with all of their closed peeps, and even with their seniors or bosses if they are off for a business trip.

Worldwide prepaid travel SIM card – stay connected with your closed peeps anywhere, anytime

Pix’s worldwide-prepaid travel SIM card ensures to keep you connected to all your near and dear ones, for it has teamed up with more than 150 global network operators, and allows for coverage in more than 193 countries, and over 200 cruise ships.

Through this SIM, the mobile carrier not only revolutionizes the wireless freedom but also economizes the outrageous call charges one has to bear while traveling abroad.

Worldwide SIM card – providing unlimited Messaging, Emoji & Incoming calls

Once you have got your smartphones/tablets activated with this SIM, you are sure to enjoy free messaging service in most countries without any extra data or Wi-Fi connection.

It allows you to chat free on apps as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, Wechat.

In all, this SIM card is one of the most inexpensive and rigmarole-free solution to get rid of the connectivity blues you encounter while flying abroad with other SIM cards.

Some other key features of the Pix’s worldwide prepaid SIM card enumerates as under:

  • It allows you to communicate at the lowest roaming charges in more than 193 countries.
  • It allows you to collect miles & more award miles while using this universal prepaid SIM card.
  • By getting Pix’s prepaid SIM card, you can fully control the costs and risks involved.
  • It doesn’t ask you to neither sign any contract, ties, nor pay any hidden charges and more.
  • It is powered by the America’s largest 4G LTE networks.
  • It provides over 150 global network operators.
  • It covers over 200 cruise ships.
  • It saves you 85% on roaming.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just get your smartphones/tablets activated with the Pix’s Worldwide Travel Prepaid SIM Card and enjoy revolutionary wireless freedom and impeccable mobile connectivity.