Pix World Experience Wireless freedom at its best

Pix Staff
May 17, 2018

Traveling abroad for some days or weeks or months? Well, then, now’s the time for you to be a savvy traveler.

And when it comes to being a boss traveler, you need to save a lot of money and avoid stress. Now, while you’re planning an international trip, the biggest money guzzler will be communication. Communicating with friends, families, and coworkers overseas will cost you a lot if you’re relying on your local operator.
It really breaks the bank, and your heart, when you have to pay those inflated international roaming charges. (These charges usually include making and receiving calls and texts and using data.)

So, basically, as an international traveler, you should find a world travel SIM card that’ll not only save your money but also bring a whole lot of peace of mind.
Enter Pix World—the best SIM cards for all those budget-conscious globetrotters out there.

World Travel SIM Card

Pix World—a universal SIM card revolutionizing worldwide connectivity

As a universal prepaid SIM card, Pix World streamlines communication once and for all. Below, we’re covering some highlights that make this card the best option for any international traveler.

A coverage that’s truly worldwide

This universal card lets you communicate freely in more than 195 countries and over 220 cruise ships. Just bring your unlocked device—smartphone or tablet—and reimagine the way you communicate in your own community or while traveling abroad. Best of all, whether you’re making and receiving a call/text or accessing data worldwide, you can do all these things at rock-bottom prices.

Save big while you communicate from anywhere

Thanks to a lot of different prepaid plans available, Pix World makes sure that your money is saved while you’re communicating overseas. So, whenever you buy one of the plans given by this service provider, you’ll save up to 120 percent on roaming charges. Well, that’s definitely huge!

Roam as if it’s your home

With this service provider’s SIM card, you’ll access data for maps, web browsing, or e-mails at costs that are way lower than what’s offered by local operators. What’s more? This provider will bill you for the data as per your location in 10KB or 1KB increments. All in all, it’s one of the most budget-friendly options for international travelers who rely on data.

Talking becomes rewarding

Pix World offers mobile miles programs that’ll bring its users great delights. This service provider rewards its users by giving them some of the most flexible loyalty programs available in the telecom sector. So, talk and earn bonus miles that can be used for booking tickets in airlines or hotels. In short, Pix World takes the delight of talking to the next level.

So, if you’re traveling abroad, just browse through Pix World’s collection of roaming rates charged for text, data, and voice call. Once you find a plan that suits your budget, preferences, and travel destination, buy it. Because staying connected with your friends, families, and colleagues is what matters the most when you’re abroad.