Looking To Buy a Wireless International Calling Plan? Pix World Offers a Fab Scheme

Pix Staff
February 21, 2019

When you are planning to travel abroad, you would never like to stay-off-line from your friends, family, and co-workers back home.

That’s quite natural with a human being, but staying-on-line, while traveling and staying abroad, will, for sure, cost a lot of dimes if you don’t do sufficient research.

And that’s exactly when you begin your search to find out an ideal wireless international calling plan that will be saving you big bucks.

Welcome to the hassle-free and affordable arena of Pix World – the perfect travel prepaid SIM card, which has streamlined worldwide connectivity at unbeatable rates.

Experience and enjoy Pix World

When you have this travel prepaid SIM card in your own qualified unlocked devices (smartphones, tablets), staying connected to those who matter a lot to you becomes much easier and economical, irrespective of your whereabouts in the world.

In the blog ahead, you will learn about the top benefits that you can enjoy and experience by getting Pix World’s SIM card.

Streamlining connectivity, anywhere, anytime

Wireless International Calling Plan

What can you expect from a SIM card that’s collaborated with over 150 network operators across the world?

What can you expect from a wireless network that can cover more than 193 countries?

What will you think when you come to know that there is a SIM card to allow you to stay in touch with all your closed ones in more than 200 cruises?

You would definitely think it’s awesome. And that kind of awesomeness is provided by SIM solutions delivered by Pix World.

By virtue of that only, Pix World streamlines worldwide mobile connectivity like never before.

Enjoy budget-friendly plans

Are you a globetrotter who keeps visiting some or other country on a frequent basis but is fed up with rising phone bills?

If so, you should enjoy and experience Pix World. This global travel prepaid SIM card makes worldwide coverage affordable. For real.

Generally, the best telecom services are offered at a steep price – but certainly not this one.

Pix World differs here, for it can save around 120 percent on your roaming charges.

Yes, 120 percent! Now, that’s truly some serious savings alright and that’s really awesome.

Most importantly, the travel prepaid SIM card even allows you to customize your prepaid plan based on your needs.

This way, this mobile carrier allows you to keep in control all your telecom expenses quite like a boss.

Unlimited talking, texting, anytime, anywhere

It’s never bad to be budget-friendly and offer impeccable global connectivity, freebies please the most.

People say nothing comes free in this world. But, with this SIM card, you have got a lot of free lunches – and they are undoubtedly delicious.

So, here’s a quick rundown on what you will be getting for free when you insert Pix World in your device.

Free messaging

You can enjoy sending and receiving unlimited messages from Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Free income calls

No matter where you are traveling or staying to in the world, if you own this SIM in your device, it will allow you to receive unlimited calls in more than 193 countries and over 200 cruises.

Free incoming SMS

Whether you are overseas or in your community, with this Travel Prepaid SIM Card, you can receive unlimited texts.

So, when you want to buy an international telecom plan, just turn to buy Pix’s travel prepaid SIM card – for this will give world-class global coverage without hurting your pocketbook.