Planning an Overseas Trip Soon? Just Trust Pix’s Prepaid Global SIM Card

Pix Staff
April 30, 2019

Planning to travel abroad?

Want an affordable recourse to stay hooked to the world without hitting hard on your pocket?

If yes, look nowhere but to Pix World – a global prepaid roaming SIM card that not only respects budget-friendly pocket, but also allows you to be in constant touch, irrespective of your whereabouts.

Pix World – streamlining communication, irrespective of your time and whereabouts

Prepaid Global SIM Card

Ever since Pix World has brought its prepaid global SIM card, not only has it gained huge impetus among the international travellers, but also earned the trust of millions of globetrotters.

The key reason behind it is its offering of rock-solid mobile connectivity in a fraction of price.

Key reasons that make this Pix’s prepaid global SIM card one of the first choices of the global travellers are as follow:

  • This is a USA prepaid SIM card, which allows for unlimited communication data.
  • By activating this SIM, you can enjoy unlimited communication data at budget-friendly price in more than 193 countries and more than 200 cruise ships.
  • When you use this prepaid global SIM card, it allows you to collect miles & more award miles.
  • The SIM allows you to enjoy chatting on apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, We-chat.
  • Being prepaid by nature, the SIM lets you control over costs as well as risks.
  • Driven by the America’s largest 4G LTE networks, it offers blazing fast wireless service.
  • The SIM doesn’t require you to sign any contract and pay any extra hidden charges.
  • Pix World has tied knots with over 150 network operators functioning on 3G and 4G platforms.

Thus, thanks to above said reasons, Pix World today has become one of the first choices of many global travelers who don’t want to pay so much to communicate overseas.

Apart from being inexpensive or economic, the SIM card brings to you strongly rooted network connection as well as superb sound quality whether you are on the land or water.


So, if you are planning to leave for an overseas trip shortly, just trust and turn to the Pix’s global SIM card so that you can seamlessly manage your communication needs.