What makes Pix World the most trusted and affordable prepaid international SIM cards out there?

Pix Staff
May 21, 2018

Whenever we travel worldwide, we always think of finding the best ways of staying in touch.

But staying connected while you’re away from your homeland can be difficult and expensive. And why it has to be that way? Well, in simple words, it all comes down to inter-operator charges and region-specific telecom regulations.

So while exploring the options, you may possibly think, Why shouldn’t I just stick to my local SIM card? After all, my telecom service provider gives international roaming. Well, you can do that if you’ve got deep pockets. (Because once you do it, you’ll have to pay the price—like, quite literally.)

What’s the solution, then?

It’s simple—get yourself a good prepaid international SIM cards that can let you stay connected with your friends, families, and business contacts without hurting your pocketbook. But, you don’t have to buy just any other prepaid international SIM cards you can lay your hands on. Instead, opt for the best one.

That’s where Pix World kicks into action.

Pix World—staying in touch becomes easy and affordable while traveling abroad

Connect with your world of contacts wherever you go

Being a universal prepaid SIM card, Pix World lets you communicate easily saving you a whole lot of cost and hassles. Best of all, this SIM card lets you communicate with your world of contacts anywhere. That is, this card’s service is active in more than 193 countries. Besides, with this one in your handset/tab, you’ll communicate beyond mainland as well. Yeah, this one even lets you make and receive calls, send and get texts, and access data on over 200 cruise ships. Now, that’s what serious worldwide coverage looks like.

SIM card activation gets simple and quick, now

Experiencing all the benefits of Pix World is simple. You just need to get your unlocked device that can be either a smartphone or tablet and place the SIM inside it. Once you do that, you’ll have to follow some simple steps for activating this international SIM card. Once all that’s done, you’re good to go anywhere without losing the touch.

Prepaid international SIM cards

Save 120 percent of roaming cost

With Pix World, you’ll save nearly 120 percent of the cost on the always-rising roaming charges. That’s quite a lot when you’ll compare with what you’ll actually pay if you choose your local network operator. These local operators can charge you a steep amount every time you place or receive an international call.

We all love a free lunch

This SIM card has become one of the most affordable options for communicating because it gives a truckload of freebies.

Yes, once you get this SIM and select the appropriate plan, you’ll get:

Free messaging capabilities: Get unlimited Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and much more.

Free incoming calls: This SIM card lets you receive unlimited calls in more than 220 cruise ships and over 135 countries.

Free incoming texts: Last, this prepaid world card even lets you receive free texts anywhere, anytime.

With so many benefits and perks, this international SIM card definitely becomes the best option for all those globetrotters who want to stay in touch without spending too much. Well, then, what’s the wait? Buy this SIM card and streamline worldwide communication once and for all.