That’s how you should buy a prepaid world SIM card that saves money and hassles

Pix Staff
May 24, 2018

Going abroad for an extended visit? Cool. Right now, you’re figuring out all the possible options that’ll let you stay in touch with those who matter the most back home.

Even so, staying in touch proves to be costly while traveling overseas. And if you rely on your local telecom service provider, your mobile bill will definitely shock you; that’s called “bill shock,” actually.

Anyway, need a solution to this? Well, then, get a prepaid world SIM card because that’s the best option.

Wait! The moment you’ll google top world SIM cards, you’ll be completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that you need to wade through to pick just one.
But, hey, don’t worry because we’re giving you the ultimate low-down on the greatest world SIM solution available—Pix World.

prepaid world SIM card

Pix World—staying in touch was never this simple

We’re listing all the top benefits that have motivated thousands of travelers like you to choose this prepaid world SIM card.

Enjoy robust worldwide connectivity

With this world prepaid SIM card, you’ll communicate easily through your unlocked tablets and smartphones. So whether you’re traveling overseas or in your own community, this SIM card lets you stay connected anytime anywhere.

What’s more? This prepaid calling card is active in more than 195 countries around the world. That way, by using this card, you won’t face any disruptions while making or receiving phone calls or while sending or getting SMS texts or while accessing data. It’s all so streamlined.

Save 120 percent of your roaming charges right away

What?! 120 percent! That’s definitely a monster saving.

Pix World has got the right plans to save you a lot of money when that’s compared with the amount your local network operators is charging.

What else? Well, besides offering low charges, this SIM provider gives you the best in terms of call quality and network strength. How? That’s because Pix World has built a robust network of partners worldwide.

Now, if you’re planning a trip overseas anytime soon and need to get the communication part sorted out, then you should discover the best-in-class experience delivered by Pix World.