What Makes Pix World One of the Best USA Travel Prepaid SIM Cards?

Pix Staff
June 18, 2018

Planning a trip to the States?

Well, good then.

But have you figured out the communication part?

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, you’ll have to communicate with important folks. So knowing the best way to do it is necessary.

Now, you’ll have some solutions of your own.

The first one: You think of buying a SIM card once you reach the US. To be precise, it’s a bad idea. Because, then, you’ll have to do a lot of paperwork. And that’s seriously the last thing you’ll want to do once while visiting a new country.

The second one: You’ll plan to stick to your homegrown network. But, In that case, the phone bill will be very high.

That means both of these solutions won’t work.

So, what’s the real solution?

Get an international SIM card that’ll make communication affordable and reliable anytime, anywhere.

That’s precisely where Pix World kicks in. This is one of the best USA travel prepaid SIM cards designed keeping in mind the true globetrotter.

Pix World—for the truly connected traveler

USA Travel Prepaid SIM Cards

High reliability comes with worldwide connectivity

When you think about universal prepaid SIM cards, you definitely think about reliability.

And Pix World is reliable because it delivers the best coverage.

Best coverage, means?

Let us explain.

Pix World delivers mobile connectivity in over 190 countries and on more than 220 cruise ships. So, you’re covered no matter where you are—sea or land.

How’s it possible to create super-wide converge like this one?

It’s simple for Pix World. It’s got tie-ups with more than 150 global service providers operating on 3G and 4G networks.

This way, many US travelers trust the SIM solution.

The affordability is guaranteed

Traveling to the US or any other part of the world quite often? If so, you need a universal prepaid SIM card that’s reliable and affordable all the same.

Once you look for reliability and affordability packed inside one SIM solution, your search will end with Pix World. For sure.

Besides offering sensational coverage, this SIM solution saves 120 percent of your roaming costs.

Now, partner, that’s what real savings look like.

So whenever you’re flying to the US, get a SIM card from Pix World. By doing this, overseas communication will become the least of your worries.