Pix World experience the best SIM card for travel

Pix Staff
May 29, 2018

The best SIM card for travel is the one that lets you stay connected with those who mean the world to you.

And staying connected shouldn’t cost you a lot. Instead, a universal prepaid SIM card should not only save your money but also give you excellent global connectivity and peace of mind.

With Pix World, you’re getting the ultimate capability to stay in touch with the world through your unlocked tablets or smartphones while you’re traveling abroad. And all of this comes with no hassles whatsoever.

So, now, we’re mentioning a couple of benefits that you’ll experience if you’re using Pix World. These benefits are the ones making Pix World the best SIM card for every globetrotter out there.

Pix World unlocks a whole new level of savings and worldwide connectivity

Whenever you’re preparing for your next trip and wherever you’re planning to go, just make sure you’ve got the ultimate SIM solution that streamlines communication. Like never before. Make sure you’ve got Pix World.

Whether you’re sailing on a cruise or heading to an inland country, your communication needs are managed well and cost-efficiently by Pix World.

best SIM card for travel

Well, for starters, this SIM card has associated with more than 150 service providers operating on 3G and 4G networks. That way, this SIM card delivers boss network connectivity and call reception while saving a lot of cash.

Apart from all this, the SIM card is active in more than 195 countries across the globe and covers over 220 cruises. So, when you’ve got this solution, you’re covered no matter where you’re headed to.

With Pix World, a new world of freebies will come your way

In addition to delivering great call quality and awesome global coverage, Pix World delivers a lot of freebies as well.

Right from getting free incoming calls and texts to free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the like, this SIM card gives you a lot of free stuff. They’re the add-ons that make the whole communication game streamlined and simplified to the max.

So, what’s the wait? If you’re a globetrotter who wants to communicate like a pro while saving big bucks, then you need to get this universal SIM card inserted in your unlocked device.