Pix World—An International SIM Card that’s Built for Travelers

Pix Staff
June 6, 2018

Traveling overseas for some time? Planning to save a lot on the next mobile bill during your international stay?

Well, get Pix World then. Because this is the best international SIM card that meets the needs of even the busiest globetrotters who wants to travel on a shoestring.

But why is Pix World a great universal SIM card especially when the competition is so fierce?

Basically, because it’s offering a lot of benefits to global travelers like you. And, in this post, we’re going to explore two different benefits of inserting Pix World into your unlocked smart device.

Experience wireless freedom at its best              

When you’ll get this SIM card, you’ll actually be connected to more than 150 operators that provide seamless 3G and 4G network. This way, you can expect to get superior connectivity and great call quality across different parts of the world.

What else?

When you’ll buy this SIM card, you’ll be connected in both mainland areas and on the sea. Yes, this SIM card provides excellent network connectivity in more than 190 countries and over 200 cuisines.

International SIM Card

Save more. Get more.

Usually, when you get an international SIM card that’s offering world-class connectivity, you expect to pay through the nose.

But that’s not the case when you get Pix World.

Yes, with Pix World, you can expect to save up to 120 percent of roaming charges on your next bill! That’s seriously massive.

What’s more?

This SIM card provides a range of benefits. For example, you won’t be required to get connected to any Wi-Fi or other data plan to message from different countries. Yes, this card offers unlimited emojis, messaging, and incoming calls and texts.

That’s precisely why when you buy a SIM from Pix World; you take that one step toward making overseas communication smart and cost-effective anytime, anywhere.

So, what’s the wait? If you’re planning a trip overseas anytime soon and are looking to make communication economical yet effective, then get Pix World SIM card right away. That way, you’ll experience a whole new world of international communication that’s simplified and streamlined.