How Pix World Makes Communication in The US Simple and Affordable

Pix Staff
July 24, 2018

When you’re traveling to the States, you’ve got to streamline communication.

See, if you don’t do that, you’ll have to either remain disconnected or pay a huge price.

Of course, remaining disconnected isn’t a solution.

And if you take your native network to the US, you’ll definitely pay a huge price. (These native telecom carriers charge you a lot when you pick one of their international plans.)

So, in short, you’ve got to buy a universal prepaid SIM card.

That’s the only solution for staying connected in the States easily and affordably.

But, there’s one other challenge. (Who said life is simple, huh? We didn’t for sure.)

Right now, there are so many travel SIM cards that just claim to give you the best deal. Yeah, many of them are just talk the talk but no walk the walk.

Now, you think, Is there a solution?

Well, yes, there is one. Basically, it’s just that you’ve got to find the real deal. It’ll be something that’ll give the best coverage and economize international roaming.

Enter Pix World.

It’s every smart globetrotter’s choice. And we’ll tell you why. Keep scrolling.

Come inside Pix World

USA travel SIM card

Being the best USA travel SIM card means a lot of heavy lifting. And Pix World is all hard work alright.

First off, this international prepaid SIM card delivers the best coverage that money can buy. And we aren’t exaggerating.

To begin with, this SIM card provides connectivity on both sea and land.

Yes, that’s true. If you’re inserted a SIM card from Pix World, you’ll be connected in more than 193 countries and over 220 cruise ships.

And there’s a rock-solid reason for that as well.

See, Pix World has tied up with more than 150 global network providers. And the best part is that each of them is working on high-speed 3G and 4G networks. That means no more call drops and undelivered messages. What a relief.

So, now, you know why this universal prepaid SIM card gives the best coverage.

Now, let’s come to the money part.

It’s obvious when you think that such sensational connectivity will come at a steep price. But that’s not the case.

Pix World has got really awesome calling/texting/data plans. And they’re designed to let you save a boatload of cash.

Interested in knowing the numbers?

Well, then, you can save nearly 120 percent of roaming cost if you get this SIM card.


Now is the time to be a smart traveler.

Get a SIM card from Pix World. Stay connected with your world. And save a lot of money all the while.

But, hey, just browse the website before picking a plan. Because it’s better to choose a plan that suits your requirements really well.