Pix World the journey to becoming the best SIM card for the USA

Pix Staff
August 17, 2018

Any SIM card, or any product for that matter, doesn’t become the best in business in just one day. It takes years of hard work and dedication to being a trusted brand—especially in the world of international SIM cards.

And that’s what Pix World is doing. It’s becoming the best universal SIM card by providing unmatched global coverage at unbeatable rates.

Because of its dedication to being the best, it’s providing you all international travelers the best in terms of international roaming. As a matter of fact, Pix World has risen as one of the best SIM cards for the USA. And this company has done that keeping in mind the needs of the travelers who’re visiting the land of opportunities.

So, what’s the need of nearly every globetrotter out there? It’s the need to stay connected. It’s the need to remain in touch affordably. And it’s the need to make global roaming not just affordable but even manageable.

All these needs are understood and met by Pix World. Again and again and again.

Wireless International Calling Plan

Delivering wireless freedom

No matter where you are in the USA, you want to stay connected with your world.

That’s what Pix World helps you do—it lets you stay connected with your world anytime, anyplace.

Means, when you insert an international SIM card from Pix World, you’ll stay connected on both land and sea.

Yes, this SIM card will give you the best global coverage in more than 193 countries and over 220 cruise ships.

But how does Pix World do that every time?

Well, Pix World has got a pretty huge network of global telecom operators. And each of them works on blazingly fast 3G and 4G networks.

So when you insert a SIM card from Pix World, you won’t face any issues of call drops or patchy network.

Global coverage goes affordable

Okay, this sort of coverage will cost a bomb. For sure.

That’s what happens most of the time. You’ve got to pay top dollar for experiencing good coverage.

But Pix World believes that good things should come at an affordable price tag. And that’s what it’s doing—it’s making wireless freedom truly affordable in every sense of the word.

It’s a fact that a wireless plan from Pix World can let you save more than 120 percent of the cost.

Now, that’s definitely a boatload of saved money that you can spend on your trip or anywhere else.

In the end

To wrap things up, we’ll say that Pix World has become one of the most dependable SIM solution providers in the States. So, if you’re traveling abroad anytime soon, just get a wireless plan from Pix World. And never let international roaming cost a small fortune again.