Introducing Pix World a universal prepaid SIM card that lets you travel the world while staying connected

Pix Staff
May 29, 2018

When you think of a universal prepaid SIM card, you generally think of global coverage, strong wireless connectivity, and affordability.

While traveling abroad, you explore all the different ways through which you can remain connected with those who matter the most back home.

But global SIM cards are quite costly and sometimes offer extremely low signal strength. So, all in all, you need a SIM card that streamlines worldwide connectivity without letting you feel the pinch.

Enter Pix World—this is your international roaming prepaid SIM card that’ll change the way you communicate while you’re on the move. So, now, let’s go through some of the top benefits you’ll be reaping the moment you use this SIM card from Pix World.

universal prepaid SIM card

Experience the true worldwide wireless coverage

What do you expect when you buy a universal prepaid SIM card?

Well, first off, you’ll expect to stay connected 24/7 anytime, anywhere. And that’s exactly what you’ll get once you insert Pix World SIM card inside your unlocked device.

This card gives the opportunity of staying in touch in more than 195 countries and over 220 cruise ships. That means it doesn’t matter whether you’re sailing or staying on the mainland, this SIM card will let you communicate with important people no matter where you are.

Global connectivity becomes affordable

If you mostly live out of a suitcase overseas, then you need to buy a Pix World SIM card right away.

You might probably ask, “Why do I have to get this world SIM when I’ve got a local telecom provider that gives international roaming?”

To begin with, if you stick to your local service provider while roaming abroad, then you’ll be shocked by the way that company spikes your bill’s amount to dizzying heights. Along with the rising cost of calls and data usage, you’ll be taxed heavily.

So, in short, you’ll be paying through the nose if you pick a local service provider while traveling abroad.

And the obvious solution is none other than getting a Pix World SIM card that’ll save your 120 percent of roaming charges. Yes, saving 120 percent is really a big deal!

So, what’s the wait now? While traveling overseas, if you want to make communication affordable and simple, then a SIM card from Pix World is a must-have.