Looking For The Best USA Travel SIM card? With Pix World, You’ve Just Found One

Pix Staff
June 25, 2018

A trip to the States can be wonderful experience. You meet new people. You learn about their culture. And you create amazing memories.

And you’d want to share all that excitement with people back home. After all, it’s natural because you’re a human. But that’s when you’ll find that a spanner is thrown in the works. The name of that spanner is international communication.

So, all in all, international communication can give you skyrocketing bills if you don’t manage it.

Yes, you’ve got plan global roaming just like a pro.


It’s simple. Get a USA travel SIM card.

Now, again, you’re likely to get confused because there are so many international SIM cards out there. Worst of all, mostly all of them claim to make talking, texting, and browsing convenient and economical overseas.

So, how should you find a reliable one among a sea of international SIM cards? Don’t worry. We’ve got the answer to this question.

Get Pix World.

Experience Pix World. Get global coverage at its best.

Best USA Travel SIM Card

Pix World gives wireless freedom. Like, in every sense of the word.


Well, it’s got tie-ups with more than 150 global operators. And the best part is that all of them operate on 3G and 4G networks. That’s how you’ll experience spectacular global coverage without any call drops or undelivered messages.

And since it’s got such a vast network, this SIM solution is able to deliver high-quality network reception on land and sea.

Yes, with this SIM solution, you’ll be connected to your world in over 193 countries and more than 220 cruise ships.

To sum it all up

So, Pix World does what an international SIM card should do best. It offers high-quality global coverage.

Now, whenever you’re planning a trip to the US, get this international SIM solution right away. Because that’s exactly how you’ll be connected with people who matter the most. Anytime. Anywhere.