Key Reasons Why You Should Go With Pix’s Universal Travel SIM Card

Pix Staff
November 27, 2019
Universal World Travel SIM Card

When you think of traveling abroad, it is hard to travel with hassles like constant connectivity breakdowns, wireless problems, frequent call drops and many, many more.

Hence, the real test of a mobile carrier’s service is when it is actually used and experienced.

While you can shake yourself off all these mobile connectivity blues by getting your smart devices activated with a universal world travel SIM card, yet with the Pix’s universal SIM card, you are sure to enjoy wireless freedom with fuss-free mobile connectivity.

Now the question arises why to travel with the Pix’s universal world travel SIM card.

The best answer of this question can be obtained only by familiarizing yourself with the Pix’s Universal World Travel SIM Card features details of which are as under:

  1. The world travel SIM card is reliable, affordable, scalable, and provides space-age speed.
  2. It lets you enjoy unlimited facility of talking, texting, surfing and browsing in more than 193 countries.
  3. It rewards you for the miles you cover while traveling to the specified countries and cruise ships.
  4. The mobile carrier says the more miles you cover the more awards you obtain.
  5. Being prepaid by nature, the Pix’s universal travel SIM card facilitates you full control over risks and costs.
  6. To buy this SIM card, neither need you to sign any contract, ties nor pay extra hidden charges and more.
  7. Being powered by the America’s largest 4G LTE networks, the card doesn’t leave you in lurch anywhere, anytime.
  8. Being collaborated with over 150 global network operators, the SIM card offers coverage in over 193 countries and over 200 cruise ships.
  9. Finally, the SIM card saves you up to 85% on roaming.


Thus, the Pix’s universal travel SIM card is going to be your perfect travel source to enjoy fully fuss-free mobile connectivity and wireless freedom. The SIM card also shakes you off the shock of global roaming bill that you receive at your hometown.