Pix World—A Prepaid Travel SIM Card for the Real Savers-Cum-Travelers

Pix Staff
June 18, 2018

Savings come to your mind when you’re traveling overseas.


Well, because the whole shebang is costly—especially, the communication part.

Whenever you’re traveling abroad, you’ll see that your phone’s billed amount will shoot upward if it isn’t checked.

So, how’ll you check the phone’s bill while on the move?

It’s simple. You get Pix World’s international prepaid travel SIM card. This one’s designed for the travelers who want to communicate smartly.

And this international SIM card has become a saver’s delight because it lets you save big. Every time.


Let’s find that out.

Pix World—when affordability meets international communication

Prepaid Travel SIM Card

When you’ve got Pix World inside your unlocked device, you’ll use your smartphone or tablet to the fullest.

So, with a Pix World SIM, you’ll access data for seeing maps, browsing the web, checking emails, etc. And the cost of doing all these things is way lower than a local operator.

What else?

The data billed for accessing the internet will be based on your real-time location.

Plus, you’re saved from the trouble of saving the roaming settings when you’re using this prepaid SIM card.


Because the SIM card automatically saves the settings when you’ll insert it into your device for the very first time. But, hey, keep in mind that not every mobile saves the settings automatically.

All in all, this is your ultimate option when you want to experience international data roaming at its best.

Now, just get this SIM card before you travel abroad. By doing this, you’ll save tons of cash without making any solid efforts.

But, just before you buy this universal SIM card, just check the plans available on the Pix World website. This way, you’ll choose the plan that’ll suit your budget well.