Your Best SIM Card For Travel is With Pix World. Find Out More

Pix Staff
October 29, 2018

Looking for the best deal in international SIM cards?

Well, then, you must look for Pix World. It’s a wireless company offering top-of-the-line wireless plans that’ll let you stay connected with your world—anytime, anyplace.

So, it doesn’t really matter where you’re traveling in the world, if you’ve got Pix World, you’ll never lose touch with your folks. That’s why this one is the best SIM card for travel right now.

Plus, the one thing that really makes Pix World stand out from the rest is its ability to offer sensational coverage at super-affordable rates.

Now, let’s talk about Pix World’s awesome coverage. And, then, that’ll be followed by the company’s commitment to offering affordable wireless plans.

When you’re with Pix World, you’re covered—like, literally

Best SIM card for travel

Okay, if you get a SIM card from Pix World before you travel abroad, you’ll manage global roaming. Just like a boss. Now, how’s that possible anyway?

Well, Pix World has got this huge network. It includes more than 150 telecom operators. And, best of all, these operators work on superfast 3G and 4G networks. This way, you just don’t have to think about coverage-specific issues such as call drops or undelivered messages if your unlocked device is having a SIM card from Pix World.

And since you’re connected with such a robust network, you can imagine the level of coverage you’ll experience. To be accurate, if you’ve got a SIM card from Pix World, you’ll stay in touch with your folks in more than 193 countries and over 220 cruise ships. Yes, Pix Word gives you the ultimate coverage on both land and sea.

Now that you know about the coverage part, let’s discuss the connectivity’s affordability as well.

Pix World’s makes global roaming affordable

So, having read the facts and figures related to Pix World, you must be thinking it’ll cost a bomb. And why not! After all, you’re getting precisely flawless coverage all the time.

But let’s give you a surprise. When your unlocked device has a wireless plan from Pix World, you’ll never have to spend a lot. Yes, Pix World is known for offering truly affordable wireless plans.

In fact, if your unlocked device has a plan from Pix World, you’ll easily save more than 120 percent of the roaming charges. Just like a true boss.


Well, all these factors definitely make Pix World the pick of the bunch.

So, whenever you need the best SIM card for travel, you basically need to invest in a wireless plan from Pix World. This way, you’ll be able to manage global roaming easily.