How’s Pix World The Best of The Best USA Travel Prepaid SIM Cards in Business?

Pix Staff
June 25, 2018

What comes to your mind when you think of an international prepaid SIM card for the US?

It’ll be worldwide coverage. And, then, it’ll also be skyrocketing phone bills.

Well, global roaming has a way of inflating phone bills if you don’t manage things well.

So, overall, it means you’ve got to invest in one of the most reliable USA travel prepaid SIM cards out there.

But how can you measure the reliability of a USA prepaid SIM card? It’s simple. A reliable universal SIM card will always offer the best mobile connectivity at really low rates. In a way, such a solution will deliver the best of both worlds. Just like a true boss.

Now, while finding such a SIM card, you may face a tough time.


Well, to begin with, you’ve got to do a lot of research to find a good international prepaid SIM card. Like, you’ve got to select a plan and then compare prices and whatnot.

In short, finding such a SIM solution is easier said than done.

But, hey, we’re here with a global SIM solution that makes wireless freedom affordable. For real.

Its name is Pix World.

Getting connected with Pix World

the best USA travel prepaid SIM cards

Up till now, you know that buying Pix World is the best decision to stay connected with everyone when you’re traveling to the States.

Now, let’s throw a couple of more facts that’ll establish this SIM solution’s reliability—both in terms of connectivity and economy.


First, let’s talk about network coverage.

If we’re allowed to define this SIM solution’s global coverage in one word, then that’ll be “huge.” Because that’s exactly what it is. No exaggeration.

This SIM card has associated with more than 150 global telecom providers that operate on fast-paced 3G and 4G networks. This way, Pix World delivers worldwide connectivity on both land and sea. Yeah, if you’ve got Pix World’s SIM card in your unlocked device, you’ll stay connected in over 193 counties and more than 220 cruise ships.

Now, isn’t that “huge”?


Alright, let us guess what you’re thinking now. It’ll most probably be something like, This sort of coverage isn’t coming cheap anytime soon?

Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, it’s time to clear the air.

With Pix World, you’ll own such level of global coverage at rates that won’t cost you a lot.


Because Pix World believes that wireless freedom should be for everyone.

To be precise, if you get the SIM card from the service provider, then you’ll save up to 120 percent of the roaming cost.

Now, that’s a true economy.


With this one SIM solution, you won’t have to worry about either low mobile connectivity or rising phone bills.

It’s actually an ideal solution that’ll let you manage global roaming just like a pro. So, what’s the wait? Get this SIM card and experience global coverage at the best rates in the States.