PIX World is One of the Few Travel SIM Cards that Take Customer Service Seriously?

Pix Staff
June 18, 2018

Worldwide connectivity? Check.

Affordability? Check.

Customer service? Check.

Yes, you may find it hard to swallow that such sorta thing is coming from an international SIM card company.

But it’s true all the same.

Introducing Pix World—one of the few travel SIM cards that prioritize customer service. Always.

The Pix World Experience

Traveling abroad?

Well, then get the Pix World edge to streamline communication. Like never before.

This SIM solution brings everything that any international travel-cum-talker is looking for.

When you get this SIM solution:

  • Your worries to stay concerted with the world will become the least of your concerns. Like, seriously.
  • You’ll stay in touch with people back home at pretty rock-bottom rates. (Yes, this SIM solution can save up to 120 percent of your total roaming costs.)


And, in case, you’ll ever face problems with this SIM card’s worldwide connectivity or affordability, customer support is a call away.

Let’s elaborate on this point, now.

Happy customers build successful businesses

Travel SIM Cards

This has been Pix World’s creed from the very beginning.

It’s because when you’re traveling, you may need assistance with your SIM. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow.

That’s precisely why this company takes customer support very seriously.

Let’s see what all things Pix World does to make sure its customers are satisfied.

Your personal assistant is with you 24/7

For this reason, when you get a Pix world SIM solution, you’ll get a global personal assistant 24/7.

This person will be your travel expert who’ll solve your problems. Best of all, that person is just a call away.

Get the best customer support anytime, anywhere

Apart from having a personal assistant, you’ll get sensational customer support 24/7.

That means Pix World is giving you a live agent who’ll assist you whenever your SIM isn’t working properly.

Because of these reasons, Pix World has taken customer service quite seriously.

Summing up

So, whenever you’re traveling abroad, make sure your unlocked device is carrying a Pix World SIM card. Because it’s really worth it.