Don’t Want To Miss Anyone Traveling Abroad? Travel With Pix’s Prepaid SIM Card

Pix Staff
July 9, 2019
Travel Prepaid SIM Card

When it comes to traveling and staying in a foreign land, it is truly very hard to live without near and dear ones. Whether you are traveling for a short-term stay or a long one, staying connected with your near and dear ones always remains your priority.

That’s why; you choose to go with a travel prepaid SIM card that doesn’t leave you stranded.

While there are plenty of SIM cards to buy from varied mobile carriers, just a few are to believe when it comes to buying an ideal travel prepaid SIM card for your trip.

One such travel prepaid SIM card is Pix World! This is going to be your ideal way if you want to save on your roaming charges and don’t want to get stung by the hefty roaming charges. But the matter of concern is why this SIM is getting so popular among the frequent and occasional foreign travelers. Well, to know about all these, you need to read through its superb set of features that are discussed as under:

  • Being collaborated with over 150 global network operators, Pix travel SIM card lets you call at the lowest roaming charges in over 193 countries and 200 plus cruise ships.
  • Using the travel prepaid SIM card, you can also earn rewards as per the coverage of your miles. The simple algorithm of this award program is that the more miles you cover the more rewards you will be earning and enjoying.
  • Furthermore, since this SIM is prepaid by nature, it lets you have a full control over risks and costs.
  • Additionally, when you choose to go with this world travel SIM, neither need you to sign any contract, ties, and pay any additional hidden charges and more.
  • Being empowered by America’s largest 4G LTE networks, it can cover the entire America.
  • Thus, when you begin to use this prepaid SIM card in your phone, it saves you up to 85% on roaming.

How to activate this SIM card on your phone?

To activate this SIM on your device(s), you just need to bring your own unlocked device(s) (smartphone and/or tablet) to Pix World. Once you are through the above process, activate your Pix’s travel prepaid SIM card by following the under-given steps:

  • Insert the SIM into your devices such as smartphone and/or tablet.
  • Open the browser re-directed to the homepage.
  • Now, fund your SIM fast with a credit card.
  • Choose a plan from the homepage.

After you succeed in the above process, a confirmation SMS notification will be sent to inform you about the successful activation of your devices.


If you don’t want to stay away from your near and dear ones while traveling and staying abroad, and if the outrageous roaming rates are hurdling your way to leave for a trip, don’t look beyond the Pix’s Travel Prepaid SIM Card and get ready to unlock the pleasure of unlimited communication data such as talking, texting, and browsing.