Looking For Ideal Getaway In Hawaii, USA? Travel With USA Prepaid SIM Card

Pix Staff
August 14, 2019

The United States of America is awash with countless amazing and unexplored destinations along with naturally enriched islands where you can find and spend a perfect getaway.

Hawaii is one such destination in America that features a number of mesmerizing attractions and activities, and due to the active Kileau volcano, the Big Island is just getting bigger with each passing day. A few of the most talked about attractions on this island are the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Rainbow Falls State Park, and the Thurston Lava Tube, in addition to its gamut of pristine beaches.

You can also explore this Big Island by going on snorkeling tours in Kealakekua Bay, trying out ziplining tours, and enjoying hiking adventures across the diverse landscape.

However, before you leave for this Island and explore the naturally enriched treasures there, it will be wise to activate your smart device with a USA Prepaid SIM Card.

Do you want to save 120 percent less for roaming charges? Travel with confidence by inserting the Pix’s travel prepaid SIM card and enjoy your travel to Hawaii, USA.

Where other mobile carriers are ready to give you a bill shock with their hefty roaming bill, the Pix’s travel prepaid SIM card makes it all available at the most affordable cost.

While exploring this Big Island or any other place in the US, you just get to pay ¢0.26 for making the outgoing-calls, while incoming calls come free of any charges.

And if you wish to send a text message to any of your near and dear ones, you only need to pay a small amount of ¢0.35, while data can be used at the rate of just ¢0.45/MB.

Having said that, Pix World lets you enjoy revolutionary wireless freedom and unlimited communication in a fraction of roaming charges without having to break your bank.

Apart from what is said above, the Pix’s travel prepaid SIM card allows you to enjoy the following features:

  • This is a USA prepaid SIM card, which allows for unlimited communication data.
  • Activating this SIM in your smart devices, you can enjoy unlimited communication data at the most affordable charges in over 193 countries and over 200 cruise ships.
  • The SIM allows you to collect miles & more award miles while using this worldwide prepaid SIM card.
  • The SIM enables you to enjoy chatting on apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, We-chat.
  • Being prepaid by nature, the SIM allows you to control over costs as well as risks.
  • Powered by the America’s largest 4G LTE networks, the SIM offers blazing fast wireless service.
  • The SIM doesn’t ask you to sign any contract and pay any extra hidden charges.
  • The mobile carrier has joined hands with over 150 network operators, which operates on 3G and 4G platforms.


So, if you want to embark on Hawaii, USA, and want to enjoy the Big Island in full swing, just activate your phone with the Pix’s travel prepaid SIM card stay in constant touch with all your near and dear ones, without having to break your bank.

While traveling with this SIM, you are sure to enjoy high-speed internet, unlimited data, international calling, and texting without getting an expensive bill from your mobile provider.