Select Your Perfect USA Prepaid SIM Card To Enjoy Fuss-Free Wireless Freedom

Pix Staff
March 18, 2020
USA Prepaid SIM Card

If outrageous roaming charges are what hinder your ways to travel USA, look nowhere but to Pix World.

The mobile carrier offers ultimate solution in terms of USA prepaid SIM card for globetrotters like you.

With a USA prepaid SIM card, the leading telecom provider aims to revolutionize wireless freedom and redefine the affordability, reliability, coverage as well as speed.

To get yourself benefitted by this USA prepaid SIM card, you need to get it activated on your unlocked devices including smartphones, tablets before flying to any country.

Pix World SIM

This SIM is specifically designed for the frequent globetrotters. This universal prepaid SIM card facilitates you free communication with your friends and family members.

It offers a coverage of over 150 global network operators, more than 193 countries coverage, and over 200-cruise ships coverage.

It even allows you to make and receive calls to all your friends and family members, anywhere, anytime.

With the SIM card, you can also send and receive SMS texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web.

Best of all, when you choose to go with this USA prepaid SIM card, you need not sign any contracts nor pay any activation fees or hidden costs as is required by others.

Some of the most remarkable features of the Pix world travel prepaid SIM card include:

  • Being teamed up with over 150 global network operators, it enables you to call and surf at the lowest roaming charges in over 193 countries and over 200 cruise ships.
  • It allows you to earn more rewards if you cover more miles. The simple algorithm is that the more miles you will be covering the more rewards you earn.
  • Being prepaid by nature, it allows you to have full control over risks and costs.
  • When you choose to buy this SIM, it doesn’t ask you to sign any contract, ties, and pay additional hidden charges and more.
  • Being powered by America’s largest 4G LTE networks, it covers the entire America.
  • Over, by providing all these features, the world travel prepaid SIM card saves you up to 85% on roaming.

What you need to do now?

Just carry your own Sprint device or your own unlocked LET device to Pix World and experience the fuss-free mobile wireless connectivity while travelling to the USA.


With that said, with an USA Prepaid SIM Card, you can enjoy fuss–free wireless connectivity.