Want To Explore Afghanistan? Do It With the Pix World’s International Prepaid SIM Card

Pix Staff
April 30, 2019

Afghanistan situates in the heart of Asia. It is a mountainous and landlocked country with great many valleys.

Though the country has been under aggression for long, it still catches the eyes of a number of people looking to explore and experience a new land on this Earth planet.

However, apart from getting visa to enter this frequently-bombarding country, you need an ideal international prepaid SIM card, which will make your travel to this pleasurable.

So, what best solution you have when you think of flying to and exploring this beautiful country.

Well, the best solution is to get your mobile device such as phone or tablet activated with the Pix’s international prepaid SIM card, which has completely redefined the affordability and revolutionized the wireless freedom and mobile connectivity.

But the question is why only Pix World when you have many other options to avail of.

International Prepaid SIM Card

The best answer of this question can be understood by having a quick look at its following features:

  • It allows you to call and surf at the lowest roaming charges in more than 193 countries.
  • It allows you to collect miles & more award miles while using prepaid world SIM card.
  • By getting prepaid SIM card, you will be able to have full control over risks and costs.
  • You need not sign any contract, ties, and pay any additional hidden charges and more.
  • It has tied knots with more than 150 global network operators, as a result you get perfect wireless freedom and uninterrupted mobile phone connectivity.
  • Being strengthened by the America’s largest 4G LTE networks, it covers 99% of America.
  • Apart from covering more than 193 countries through its wireless service, it also covers more than 200 cruise ships.
  • Best of all, it helps you save up to 85% on roaming.


Thus, with the Pix’s international prepaid SIM card, you can explore the hidden treasure of Afghanistan and enjoy the uninterrupted wireless service and mobile connectivity.