Want To Text Without Being Vexed While Traveling Abroad? Fly With Pix’s World SIM Card

Pix Staff
December 26, 2019
Unlimited Messaging World SIM Card

Messaging or texting as it is known today turns out to be the best solution when there is frequent call failures, and you aren’t able to communicate with your closed peeps.

This is of utmost importance when you are traveling to, staying in any country for here you have to be in constant touch with all of your near and dear ones where both of you remain extremely inquisitive to know about each other and share everything.

So, here comes the ultimate messaging solution in terms of an unlimited messaging world SIM card!

The Pix’s unlimited messaging world SIM card revolutionizes the telecom industry by providing you with unlimited messaging communication at affordable roaming rates.

What’s more?

Where for others you have to pay outrageous charges for texting and sending just a few words, the Pix’s unlimited messaging world SIM card lets you do it affordable rates.

A few of the great grounds of the Pix’s unlimited messaging world SIM card include:

  • It comes with only text and no other pictures, sounds and images in any text message.
  • It allows you to text messages via platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber.
  • It allows you to send messages through your email account already set up to your cell phone.
  • It allows you to enjoy sending a text message from on cell phone to another cell phone.
  • It doesn’t ask you to have extra data to enjoy messaging services in most countries.
  • Its Pix Chat text messaging usage is free for the first year.

Besides unlimited messaging usage, this unlimited messaging world SIM also allows you to:

  • Enjoy unlimited yet affordable roaming in over 193 countries
  • Not sign any contract, nor pay any hidden charges and more
  • Have full control over the risks and costs
  • Earn rewards by collecting miles.
  • Save around 85% on roaming


So, if you are looking forward to enjoying unlimited and uninterrupted messaging world SIM card while flying and unraveling a new country without being hit by the exorbitant roaming charges, simply activate your smartphones/tablets with the Pix’s Unlimited Messaging World SIM Card and stay in touch with all of your closed peeps.