Pix World — A Worldwide SIM Card Redefining Global Connectivity

Pix Staff
April 18, 2019

Planning to travel abroad for some days or months? Well, then, now is the time for you to be a savvy traveler.

And when you want to be a boss traveler, you would always want to avoid stress and save a huge amount of money.

Now, while you are set to leave for a global trip, the biggest money guzzler is for sure going to be communication.

Communicating with your peeps overseas costs you much if you trust on your local operator.

Not only does it break the bank, but your heart, as well, when you are to pay for those global roaming charges, including making and receiving calls and texts as well as data.

So, essentially, as a globetrotter, you should get your phone activated with a worldwide SIM card that not just saves your money but offers much more peace of mind, as well.

Enter the revolutionary world of Pix World— one of the best SIM cards, which is specifically designed for those budget-conscious globetrotters who want to go global but affordable.

Pix World — an international SIM card redefining worldwide connectivity

Worldwide SIM Card

As an ideal worldwide SIM card, Pix World aims at streamlining communication for all time.

Below, we’ve tried to cover a few key highlights that make this card the best option for any international traveler.

An impeccable coverage that’s truly worldwide

This international SIM card allows you to enjoy communicating free of cost in more than 195 countries and over 220 cruise ships.

All you need to do is to simply brining your unlocked device—smartphone or tablet—and reimagine the way you communicate in your own community or while traveling abroad.

Best of all, the worldwide SIM card allows you to enjoy all these facilities at rock bottom price.

Save big while communicating from anywhere, anytime

Kudos to a variety of prepaid plans available to buy on the market, Pix World guarantees you that your money is saved while you are enjoying global communication.

So, whenever you choose to go with any of the Pix World’s plans, you will be able to save up to 120 percent on roaming charges.

Well, that’s certainly huge!

Roam as if it’s your home

With the Pix’s Worldwide SIM Card, you will be able to access data for maps, web browsing, or e-mails at rates that are much lower than what your local operators offer.

What’s more? This mobile carrier bills you for the data based on your location in 10KB or 1KB increments.

Overall, it’s one of the most affordable options for international travelers who trust on data.

Get rewarded while talking and roaming

Pix World brings to you mobile miles programs, which means earn while communicating.

This is a very delightful service under which, users are given some of the most flexible loyalty programs available in the telecom sector.

So, enjoy earning bonus miles while talking and use the earned miles for booking tickets in airlines or hotels.

To be brief, Pix World takes you to the next level with their flexible loyalty programs.

So, if you are planning to travel abroad, just start browsing through the Pix World’s collection of roaming charges levied for texting, voice calling and data usage.

Once you succeed in finding an ideal as per your budget, preferences, and travel destination, buy it.

This is because staying connected with your friends, families, and colleagues is all that matters most when you are staying abroad and left stranded by your existing mobile carrier.