Find Out What Makes Pix World a Dependable International SIM Card

Pix Staff
June 18, 2018

International communication becomes unmanageable if it’s unplanned.

So whenever you travel abroad, you need a game plan to connect with people back home.

That’s a must.

And that game plan will be successful when you get an international SIM card for yourself.

Now, there’s one big challenge.

There are so many universal prepaid SIM cards out there. That way, it becomes difficult to find which plan or SIM card suits you well.

In the sea of global SIM solutions, the best one will offer affordability and reliability. Every time.

Enter Pix World. It’s a SIM solution that’s giving excellent worldwide connectivity at rock-bottom rates.

Pix World—It’s world-class. It’s worldwide. But it will never cost you the world.

It’s world-class

International SIM card

When you think of global connectivity, you think of Pix World.

It’s a universal prepaid SIM card that gives the best-in-class coverage.


It’s simple. The SIM solution is associated with more than 150 global service providers.

Best of all, each of them operates on hi-speed 3G and 4G networks.

Because of that, the SIM solution provides top-notch call connectivity and sound quality.

It’s worldwide

Now, what if you experience this level of quality every time, everywhere?

It’ll be awesome, right.

Because of this, Pix World’s connectivity is available in more than 193 countries and over 220 cruise ships.

Now, that’s what sensational global coverage truly looks like.

It never costs you the world

World-class? Check.

Worldwide? Check.

But all this is useless if it’s costly.

That’s why Pix World brings excellent global coverage at rates that won’t break the bank. Ever.

In fact, if you get this universal SIM solution, you’ll save nearly 120 percent of your roaming cost.

That’s a lot of money, partner.

Carry your world with Pix World

These are lots of benefits that let you stay connected. Every time. Everywhere.

Whenever you’re traveling abroad and wherever you’re going, carry your world with Pix World.

So, get this SIM solution before you board your international flight or cruise.