What Makes Pix World One of the Best World SIM Cards

Pix Staff
November 19, 2018

While traveling abroad, you need to stay in touch with your folks back home. It’s your basic need. But it seems that the fulfillment of this need is easier said than done. Why? Well, because global roaming isn’t that easy to manage.

So, the question is this: How’ll you manage global roaming just like a boss?

And the answer lies in Pix World.

Well, Pix World is a universal prepaid SIM card that’ll streamline the way you manage global roaming.

Up next, we’ll tell you what makes Pix World one of the best world SIM cards in business right now.

Worldwide roaming is yours for the taking

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As an international prepaid SIM card, Pix World makes sure that it delivers best-in-class global roaming. To be precise, global roaming is experienced by every Pix World user in more than 193 countries and over 220 cruise ships.

And the main reason for the awesomeness of this network coverage is none other than Pix World’s network. This network comprises more than 150 telecom operators. And, best of all, these operators work using high-speed 3G and 4G networks. That’s how Pix World’s coverage is almost flawless across the world.

Global roaming becomes affordable

Now that you know about Pix World’s ability to manage global roaming, it’s time to know about its affordability. Generally, this sort of sensational coverage can be all yours at rates that’ll break the bank. However, Pix World is different in this regard.

First of all, whenever you’re buying from Pix World, you’ll get a number of wireless plans to choose from. To be precise, if you insert a SIM card from Pix World inside your unlocked device, you’ll easily save more than 120 percent of your global roaming charges.


So, that means when you’re having a SIM card from Pix World, you’ll achieve stellar coverage at really attractive price points. Now, don’t think much. Just pick a wireless plan from Pix World and be ready to stay connected with your world while you’re on the move.