Here Are The Two Things That Make Pix World One Of The Best World SIM Cards

Pix Staff
September 18, 2018

International roaming is all about staying connected. But most of the times even with an international SIM card, you don’t stay connected the way you should.


Because many global SIM cards just claim to let you stay connected. And they fail when it comes to delivering real-world connectivity. So the solution is simple. You need a world SIM card that delivers the best in terms of connectivity and affordability.

And Pix World is one such SIM card that gives the best of both worlds. Means, with Pix World, you’ll experience global connectivity and superb affordability like never before.

Pix World is where worldwide connectivity becomes truly affordable

the best world SIM card

Let’s begin with connectivity, first. So, Pix World lets you stay connected on both land and sea. Yes, if you insert an international SIM card from Pix World, you’ll be connected in more than 193 countries and over 220 cruise ships.

Now, that’s what global connectivity should look like. But how does the company achieve this level of sensational global coverage every time?

Because of its network. Pix World’s network of telecom operators is quite huge. This network has more than 150 global operators. All these operators work on superfast 3G and 4G bands. And because of this network, all Pix World users rarely experience call drops or undelivered messages.

That’s global coverage at its best. But there’s no point of such coverage if it isn’t experienced by everyone—if it isn’t affordable. That’s why you can experience Pix World’s amazing connectivity at rates that won’t ever break the bank.

In fact, if you stick to one of the wireless plans bought from Pix World, you’ll end up saving over 120 percent of the roaming cost. That’s pretty huge savings, right. Of course.


So, the bottom line is quite simple. If you want to affordably stay connected with your world while you’re traveling, then Pix World has got your back.