Pix World—The Best SIM Card for Travel is Available Right Here

Pix Staff
August 17, 2018

When you’re traveling abroad, you want to explore the world and enjoy to the fullest.

But the thing that puts a damper on all your amazing plans is the cost of global roaming.

Most of the time, international roaming robs the charm of traveling. Because you just think about your rising phone bill instead of enjoying the beauty of the new place.

But what if we tell you that there’s one international SIM card company that’s making global roaming affordable?

Well, you’ll rejoice for sure.

So, let us introduce Pix World—the best SIM card for travel any day.

Now that you know Pix World is the best in business, it’s time to understand what makes it the best.

The widest global coverage money can buy

best SIM card for travel

Long story short, we buy international SIM cards to stay connected with our folks back home.

And if a SIM card doesn’t give the best connectivity, then what’s the whole point of having one.

This is what Pix World has understood. This global SIM solution provider knows that worldwide coverage is the most important thing any traveler wants. And that’s what Pix World gives.

But giving wireless connectivity is easier said than done. So, for offering that, Pix World has built a huge network of telecom operators.

These operators work on advanced 3G and 4G networks. This way, travelers having a SIM card from Pix World remain connected every time.

Because of this wide network, Pix World makes sure that it connects travelers with their world on land and sea. Yes, if you buy a wireless plan from this international SIM card provider, you’ll experience sensational coverage in over 193 countries and more than 220 cruise ships.

Now that’s what true global coverage should look.

When wireless freedom goes affordable

Such sensational coverage often comes at steep price points. But Pix World wants its wireless freedom to be experienced by everyone.

That’s why all the wireless plans of Pix World are available at low rates. Actually, if you get a plan from Pix World, you’ll easily save more than 120 percent of global roaming charges. Isn’t that awesome? Of course, it is.

Summing it up

So, don’t wait. If you’re going overseas anytime soon, get an international travel SIM card from Pix World.

And enjoy your trip without thinking about big-ticket phone bills.