Own True Wireless Freedom With Pix World’s International SIM Card

Pix Staff
August 17, 2018

Pix World is a leading international SIM solution provider. But what makes this international SIM card company leading in the first place?

Well, Pix World is a celebrated name. It offers great global SIM solutions just because it makes worldwide coverage affordable in every sense of the word.

Yes, when you buy a wireless plan from Pix World, you’ll get the best at the most affordable rate. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

Often, you’ll find a number of international SIM cards on the market. Each of them will either give you coverage or quality. But it’s quite rare to find a global SIM card that’ll offer both quality and affordability.

That’s what Pix World is doing. It’s letting international travelers own wireless freedom. Just like a boss.

Experience wireless freedom at the most economical rates

Pix World’s international SIM card

So, wireless freedom is what globetrotters want when they get a travel SIM card. And that’s precisely what they’ll get once they buy a wireless plan from Pix World.

This is one of the best international SIM solution providers that give strong network coverage.

But, how’s that possible?

Well, the deal with Pix World is quite simple. It has built a very expansive network. This network has more than 150 global network providers—and all of them work on hi-speed 3G and 4G networks.

So when international travelers get Pix World, they rest assured of not facing patchy network anytime, anyplace.

Because of this expansive network, expect this SIM card to let you stay connected on land and sea.

Yes, this global SIM card will give you powerful network coverage in more than 193 countries and over 200 cruise ships.

But, now, let’s talk about rates. We all go for Pix World or any other global SIM card company because our native telecom provider can cost a lot.

That’s why all the wireless plans launched by Pix World are affordable. In fact, they can easily let you save more than 120 percent of your roaming cost.


Still waiting?

If you’re going abroad anytime soon, just get Pix World. It’s the best way to make global roaming totally affordable.

Browse all the plans from Pix World before picking the best one for yourself.