Pix World is a Great World Travel SIM Card in the Making. Find Out How

Pix Staff
October 8, 2018

Whenever you travel the world, you think of managing global roaming. That’s actually one of the first things that come to your mind when you plan a trip overseas.

But why’s global roaming such a big deal, you think?

Well, more and more international travelers prioritize global roaming because it’s a beast if it isn’t managed well.

So, long story short, plan how you’ll manage global roaming. Yes, there are many options to tackle global roaming. But, remember, tackling is different from managing.

Well, then, here we won’t talk about tackling global roaming. Instead, we’ll focus on how you can actually manage global roaming. Just like a boss.

Managing global roaming was never this simple

When it’s about managing global roaming, it’s definitely about a world travel SIM card sitting in your unlocked device. The deal is simple over here. If you lay your hands on the best global SIM card, you’ll not just get the best coverage—instead, you’ll even get that at really affordable price points.

So, is there a global SIM solution that’ll help manage global roaming affordably? Well, it turns out that there’s one international prepaid SIM card that’ll let you experience the best global coverage at an affordable price tag.

The name of that SIM card is Pix World.

Staying connected while traveling the world with Pix World

great world travel SIM card


When it comes to getting the best world travel SIM card, Pix World is on the money.

First off, Pix World delivers the best global coverage that money can buy right now.

If you’re interested in figures, then it’s worth noting that Pix World delivers flawless connectivity in over 193 countries and more than 220 cruise ships. Yes, if your unlocked device carries a SIM card from Pix World, then expect to stay connected on both land and sea.

And Pix World delivers such sensational coverage because of its network. Pix World’s network includes more than 150 global operators. Best of all, each of these operators is working on high-speed 3G and 4G networks. That’s how all Pix World users don’t have to face call drops or undelivered messages anytime.

Affordability is what matters the most

It doesn’t make sense to have such stellar network coverage if only a handful of users experience it.

That’s why Pix World makes sure that it offers super-affordable wireless plans. This way, more and more users experience wireless freedom delivered by Pix World.

In fact, if you stick to a specific wireless plan from Pix World, then you’ll easily save more than 120 percent on your global roaming charges.

In the end

It’s now clear why Pix World is the best international prepaid SIM card. So, if you want to experience best wireless coverage at affordable price points during your next trip abroad, then you know the international SIM card that’ll deliver just that.