Mobile Miles Rewards Program

Earn bonus miles or points with the Airline and/or Hotel of your choice! Talking on the phone has never been more rewarding!Pix World is rewarding its users with the most flexible loyalty program in the telecommunications industry. Earn bonus miles when making outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls with your Pix World device/number. For each outgoing call regardless of duration, you will earn 1 bonus mile. For incoming calls; 1 bonus mile will be rewarded to you if the call duration is equal to or greater than 60 seconds. Earned miles and/or points will be applied directly to your choice of airline or hotel loyalty program in which you select.

How does Mobile Miles Rewards Program work?

Three additional registered Pix World phone numbers linked to your account can help you earn bonus miles and points. They can be assigned to anyone including your spouse, family members, friends and/or colleagues.All miles and points earned from these additional Pix World users will be credited to your choice of loyalty program selected airline or hotel.

Register and start earning Mobile Miles

Once you receive your Pix World sim card you will need to register with Mobile Miles to start earning miles or points.For a list of available airline and hotel loyalty program partners and to register your Pix World number; visit

A glimpse of some of our participating Airline & Hotel Loyalty Programs


Manage the calls your own way

This feature helps you to manage two important calls at a time. Through this, you may place your ongoing call on hold to attend another important incoming call on the same device. After finishing the call, you can retrieve the call on hold.

Remember, if this feature is already active and when you’re using the feature, then you have to pay for the both calls: the active one and the second one on hold. This call-waiting feature can be disabled in your phone, so, please refer to your handset’s manual.


Stay in touch despite missing a call

The Voicemail feature is designed to handle the incoming calls on your phone in case if you’re not available to answer.

To activate voicemail service

  • Call on 091 or *146*091# with Pix World in your mobile
  • If you do so, you will get a message voicemail activated on your screen. In any case, if you don’t answer the call, it will be sent to voicemail.
To listen to voicemail messages
  • For this call on 095 or *146*095#
  • A message “Wait for call” will appear on the screen. And then you will get a call on your number after few seconds
  • Pick the call as you normally do and you will get to hear how many messages you have in your voice mailbox.
  • Now, press one (1) to hear all the messages
To disable voicemail
  • Dial 095 or *146*090# and then press call
  • A message with “Voicemail deactivated” will appear on your screen

Data Roaming

Use your smartphone to the fullest globally with Pix World!

With the Pix World SIM, you can access data for web browsing, maps, and e-mail account at the lower cost as compared to any local operator. Data is billed for the net access as per your location in 1KB or 10KB increments. In short, it is the perfect option for data roaming.

Remember, in most countries Pix Chat text messaging usage on WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Wechat, and Facebook messenger is free for the first year and does not require any data packages or Wifi connections.

You can view the rates for Data roaming around the world here

Pix World data roaming settings

You will receive data roaming settings to your Pix World prepaid sim card automatically when you use it for the first time. Keep in mind that all mobile devices do not accept these automatic settings. To change the settings accordingly, refer to your phone manual, and follow these steps:

  • APN (Access Point Name):
  • User Name: Enter the Pix World sim card number, e.g. 7645356211
  • Password: Let this field empty

You can view Pix World rates data here

How to manage and decrease the data and calling costs while traveling?

To do the same, we recommend you to use Onavo app. This app is available for Android, iPad, and iPhone devices. This app helps you to take control of your mobile data usage.

Location Services

Pinpoint your sim location in seconds!

The location Services feature of Pix World helps you in finding the current location of your sim card with the accuracy of up to 6500FT. The charges applicable for 30 days service in case of 100 requests package is $1 while it is $5 for 1500 requests package for same time period. The cost will be deducted directly from the balance available on your sim card.

Call Redirection

As you may know, during your trip you may redirect incoming calls to your Pix World sim to any other international number. There are no redirection charges for over 145 countries numbers.

To activate call redirection

  • With Pix World in your device, just dial *146*081*00-code of the country-contact number, e.g. *146*081*0022123456789#.
  • Once you do, you can switch off your handset. All the incoming calls will be automatically redirected to the registered number.

To disable call redirection

  • For this, just dial *146*080# with Pix World in your mobile device.

24/7 Global Personal Assistant

Your private virtual assistant

Pix is there for you 24/7. If you need any kind of help including medical services, concierge services, business solutions, or any assistance in emergency conditions, feel free to dial our personal assistance service number. We’ll come to you immediately with a perfect solution.

How to use personal assistance service?

  • For this, you need to simply dial a number on your handset i.e. +372991.
For any queries related to Pix World call +1 786 408 7743.

Some typical situations when you could use the personal assistant’s help:

  • When you need translation services from Italian to Russian
  • Need help getting from the airport to city centre.
  • Are getting late for your flight
  • Have been pick-pocketed
  • Need to throw a party
  • Need information about events in the locality and buy tickets
  • Need the weather forecast
  • Need to book a table at a restaurant or club
  • Need recommendations regarding shopping centers in the vicinity
  • Find a good local dentist or a general physician
… and more!

Conference Call

Unlimited communication with Pix World Arrange a conference call no matter where you are!

Conference service of Pix World offers you an opportunity to organize and manage a conference. Just dial +372993 followed by the number. At a time, you may add maximum 10 members in a conference.

How much does it cost?

All the bills for the conference call are paid by the Pix World user who organizes or manages that call. The call rate is counted as per the location of each member participating in the conference.

How to arranged?

The Pix World user initiates the call by dialing +372993 (conference number). The new users will be added to this conference call by pressing * button and international code. You can add any number to this conference. (not mandatory to have a Pix World number)

Once you add 9 members to the ongoing conference call, the organizer receives a voice notification of reaching the maximum limit of participants. Once you gain this limit, get back to the conference.


Receive faxes on Pix World

While traveling it is very challenging to receive your important faxes on time, as you can’t carry a fax machine with you. Worried, how to get fax? Use Fax feature of Pix World.

This feature is an excellent option to get your faxes on time. Activate this on your Pix World number. If you do so, all the faxes sent to your number will be redirected to your email inbox directly. This is a free service, you don’t have to pay for this.